Welcome to my website. Within this site you will find a collection of photographs that showcase some of the natural beauty on our planet. Today it is harder than ever for people to get away from the man-made world and we're slowly losing touch with the wild and natural world that once was.

Through these images I hope that you will be able to experience these wondrous places, even if just a little bit. Mentally put yourself there and take in some of the peace and spiritual wellbeing that these places have to offer. Although a photograph can never compare to the reality of being dwarfed by the immensity of a hanging glacier as it slowly continues a centuries old journey, nor the sounds of wolves howling as you watch the Aurora Borealis dance overhead, or the feeling you get as a wild Polar Bear looks you over, it can possess the power to create a sense of amazement and wonder. It is my hope that an image here will evoke that feeling within you and motivate you to visit and help protect the wild places and animals that still thrive!

Life can be short, appreciate it. I Hope you enjoy viewing these images as much as I enjoy taking and sharing them. Happy travels, and may you enjoy the journey as much as the destination!