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Welcome to the "Blog" pages. These pages will contain various "snapshots' that I take on my outings. Some will be
just that, snapshots, documenting an experience and may lack in aesthetics or technical qualities. Others will be the same high quality fine art type images displayed within the gallery area of the site. It will be as much about sharing an experience as it will sharing photography. Please excuse me for typos and such. Since I get real excited to share an image often these are done in the wee hours after a night of cold sleep deprived photography. These pages have not been updated in a while. Fear not, I am still taking images. I have just incorporated the pages in a new site. You can find recent images and bloging HERE.

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We got plenty of wind up here to choose from. From Chinook winds that have been ripping thru the upper hillside neighborhoods to the solar winds pounding our atmosphere. I got to experience both last night. I prefer the solar winds......