I was as born and raised on Long Island, NY (I was actually born in NY, NY but moved to Long Island at the tender age of 3 days old) . I received some formal training in painting and drawing as a child, but was quickly turned off to the starving artist life portrayed by a professor in college. After graduating school with a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy I went to the 4 corners area with my girlfriend at the time. That trip with her probably had the biggest impact in leading me toward the West. She was exploring photography herself and made the mistake of putting the camera in my hands (I don't think she got it back much 'till the end of the trip). It reopened my artistic and creative passion for me in a new format. I was drawn to the stunning beauty, colors, and compositions of our surroundings. I quickly developed my technical photography skills from reading books, looking at gallery photographs and taking LOTS and LOTS of pictures. It wasn't hard to find beautiful places to visit. I planned many trips based on a photograph I had seen. I would see these incredible places and want to go see and photograph them for myself.

I have now driven across the US three separate times and taken many, many weekend trips from wherever "home" was at the time. There are so many places to be seen and explored. I have been up and down both coasts several times but I still remember my first exposure to the glaciated mountains of our continent. I had taken a traveling job as a physical therapist in Washington state. I can remember looking up at Mt. Rainier peaking out of the clouds and being in total awe! It was nothing like the rolling hills of the East Coast. Ultimately I left Washington, lived in California a while, and finally made a home in Anchorage Alaska.

Although I take these photographs for my own pleasure, I am happy that you have made it here to enjoy them. Many people never make it to the wild and beautiful places this planet has to offer, but maybe these photos will inspire a few more people to make that trip they keep talking about! Just do it. It may change your life. It did for me.

Until then, happy surfing.....